Cancellation & Withdrawal Policy



Learning Options expects that students/adult learners who enrol in a program of study, are actively engaged in their qualification in line with the timelines outlined in the training plan. It is important for all students, but particularly those enrolled in self pace study, think carefully about their study capacity and fully commit to the learning and completion of assessments. Lack of progression or contact with assessors, can result in deadlines being missed and enrolments lapsing without refund. Students are asked to commit to and sign a training plan that details due dates for submissions and the enrolment dates are not open ended.
Notwithstanding that, we acknowledge that there are times when students cannot engage or do not wish to continue in their studies. This policy brings together processes outlined in previous student handbooks, training plans, confirmation of enrolment letters and fee refund policies, and covers the following:
• Deferring study
• Withdrawing from study
• Lapsed enrolments (Administrative Withdrawal)

Time frame for completing course requirements (From student handbook)

Completion dates are negotiated on enrolment and are often mandated by funded program guidelines or negotiated with the individual learner.

Often courses include flexible delivery arrangements and self-paced learning that allows you to structure your learning around your employment and personal commitments. However, it is reasonable for students who commence the correspondence program to work steadily through the learning materials. People learn at different speeds and one student may have a natural ability to learn one set of competencies quickly, but be slower at acquiring others.

Your training plan details your commencement and completion dates for each unit of competence and this forms the basis of your commitment to study. If completion dates are not met, and no renegotiation has occurred, your enrolment will lapse without notice. No refunds will apply and re-enrolment will incur additional fees.

Training Plans (From student handbook)

A Training Plan documents the proposed schedule of training activities and is negotiated at the point of enrolment for every learner or on the first day of the course. The parties to the training plan include you, your employer (if your employer is supporting your training, and Learning Options. You will receive a copy of your signed training plan.

The purpose of the training plan is to document the agreement regarding:

· the training to be undertaken including the units of competency required for the qualification including the unit code and unit name,

· the sequence the training will follow (taking into account workplace opportunities for learning, as well as pre-requisites and/or co-requisites if applicable),

· how training will be delivered and who provides the training,

· when training will be delivered (i.e. a training plan shall list planned start and end dates against each unit of competency.

· where structured training will occur (workplace, RTO etc)

· Modes of delivery

· Any RPL or credit to be applied for.

· The student identification numbers

Your training plan is your commitment to us and if timeframes are not met for completion of units of competence and the plan has not been renegotiated, your enrolment with us will lapse.

Where your training plan dates have passed and your employer has sponsored your place, and our contractual requirements with your employer have been met and confirmed, no individual notice of lapsed enrolments will be given to you individually. Your enrolment exists only whilst you honour your agreement with us to study, make progress, keep in contact with us and submit assessment evidence as per your plan.

Policy re withdrawal from courses before completion (From student handbook)

It is recognised that from time-to-time students may wish to withdraw from the course without completion for personal or other reasons. If you are in this situation our preference is to arrange a time to discuss the implications of leaving at this stage, the opportunities for continuance of studies at a later stage, the Statement of Attainment which details the academic progress to date, and possible fee refunds.

If you have accessed a funded training place, it is important you are aware that:

· If you decide to not continue the training, most funded program guidelines state that replacements are not permitted and another staff member cannot simply just take your place.

· There are no fee refunds applicable on funded courses.

· The training organisation usually only receives payment on successful completion. If you do not successfully complete and we have therefore not received a completion payment for the program, there will be a financial hold on your results and no results are awarded until the financial hold is released (either via successful completion or FULL FEE PAYMENT from yourself).

· Funded courses are subject to strict timeframes for completion. Enrolments cannot be deferred or extended.

PROCESS – Deferral

A deferred enrolment may be requested and is considered for a period of up to six months maximum.

A deferral must be formally requested in writing by the student. Failure to contact in itself does not constitute a deferred enrolment.

Consideration of a request for a deferral takes into account:

· The reason for the request

· Fee payments made and any amounts outstanding

· Length of time since the program commenced and student progress to date

· Training package considerations – whether the training package is under review, or the requirements for completing units of competency are likely to be reviewed in the near future that would impact the student.

· Our organisational capacity to defer the enrolment. Trainers and assessors may be engaged for a contract period to cover the contractual basis for delivery of the program. It may not be possible to recall a trainer or assessor at a later date without incurring additional organisational expense.

If approved, it is the responsibility of the student to reinitiate study on or before the last date of the withdrawal. Failure to re-engage will result in an administrative lapse.

If the qualification has changed during the period of the deferral, students may be required to undertake additional study in order to meet the requirements of the new version of the unit, qualification, or package. This may incur additional fees.


Withdrawal is the formal process whereby a student’s studies are ceased, and their enrolment is removed from one or all units of competency.

It is recognised that from time-to-time students may wish to withdraw from a course without completion for personal or other reasons. Students are asked to arrange a time to discuss the implications of withdrawing, the opportunities for continuance of studies at a later stage using a deferral option, the Statement of Attainment which details the academic progress to date, and possible fee refunds.

The process for advising of a withdrawal is for the student to email the Training Manager in writing. Failure to request a withdrawal formally will impact on any potential fee refund eligibility.

From time to time, an employer may initiate a withdrawal of a student who has not fulfilled the workplace obligations for engaging in an employer funded and contracted program of training. Learning Options recognises that whilst engaging directly with the student can be difficult in such circumstances where the employer has withdrawn support, the enrolment is ‘owned’ by the student. The Training Manager will use discretion to negotiate a resolution in such circumstances.

If a student is eligible for a Statement of Attainment, the statement will be awarded and remaining unit outcomes will be determined in line with AVETMISS requirements (cancelled unit enrolment vs withdrawn outcome is subject to evidence of engagement in the unit).


A lapsed enrolment occurs when:

· The training plan agreement has not been adhered to by the adult learner in respect of either meeting study commitments or submitting assessments according to the agreed timeframes.

· The student ceases to engage in a program of study and does not formally request a deferral or withdrawal.

A student is considered ‘inactive’ when:

· An approved deferral has ended and the student has not initiated re-engagement, or

· Submission dates have passed for assessment tasks with nil submission and no arrangements have been requested by the student to renegotiate the training plan, or

· The student has not had contact with trainers or assessors, or the Training Manager or Director, within a 30 day period (we request monthly contact to demonstrate engagement).

An inactive enrolment can be reopened on request of the student and at the discretion of the Training Manager and/or Director. Learning Options will give consideration to the individual circumstances as they are known to us and will consider the student progress prior to the contact or engagement ceasing and the likelihood the student will re-engage successfully if additional support is given (where it is evident that engagement has ceased due to gaps in foundation skills).

An inactive enrolment where there has been no contact with trainers, assessors, the Training Manager, or the Director, and where it is not considered it was an unaddressed support need, will be automatically lapsed after a 6 month period without student initiated contact.

If a student is eligible for a Statement of Attainment, the statement will be awarded and remaining unit outcomes will be determined in line with AVETMISS requirements (cancelled unit enrolment vs withdrawn outcome is subject to evidence of engagement in the unit).


There are no penalties applied for withdrawal or lapsed enrolments, however the fee refund policy should be noted as follows:


1. Learning Options acknowledges that, in certain circumstances, a participant may seek full or partial refund of fees paid. We will ensure that refund applications are handled in a timely manner and in accordance with the following terms:

• Refunds will not be issued after course commencement except in exceptional circumstances or where funding guidelines stipulate this requirement.

• Fee refunds are not automatic and must be applied for.

• All refund applications are to be in writing.

• If approved by the Training Manager, fee refunds are calculated from the date the student officially notifies Learning Options in writing of their withdrawal from the program.

• Refunds will not be issued for any government funded courses as course withdrawal comes at financial loss to Learning Options.

• Learning Options will charge a non-refundable administration fee of $65 plus GST for all courses.

• Approved fee refunds are only processed after the fees have been cleared through the bank account.

• No refund of fees is available for units commenced where the student fails to submit their assignment as the student is deemed to have commenced the program.

• The decision of the Training Manager is final.


Where a student has withdrawn from study or been subject to a lapsed enrolment, a new enrolment will be required if they wish at a later date to re-engage. Students should enrol through the normal enrolment process.

Any units for which competency was previously awarded will be credited or RPL’d according to the RPL policy.

Later enrolment may not be in the same qualification as the original enrolment, where the training package has been modified.

All fees and charges associated with the re-entered enrolment will be charged. The enrolment fee of $85 can be waived by the Training Manager, with reductions also for any units of competence where a competent outcome was previously awarded (Refer the RPL policy).

Learning Options is not able to re-enrol students for qualifications that are no longer on our scope of registration at the point the student wishes to re-enrol.

Learning Options is not obligated to recommence or re-enrol a student under the same conditions, training agreement, or quotation, as the original enrolment. Qualifications, training and assessment strategies, and delivery and assessment tools are constantly changing and subject to validation and continuous improvement. Further training and assessment will always use current materials and versions and a student should not assume that previously issued materials meet the current quality assurance demands.

Students who have a previous debt will not be permitted to re-enrol until the debt is cleared.

Re-enrolment (and any student enrolment) is subject to discretion and agreement, and there is not an automatic right of enrolment for any student.

A reenrolment request from a student must be supported by:

· Proof of successful completion of recent study elsewhere and/or

· Documentary evidence to support the student assertion that they will commit to, and be able to succeed in the subsequent enrolment.

Reenrolment applications are considered by the Training Manager and/or Director.


Withdrawal is the formal process whereby a student’s studies are ceased, and their enrolment is removed from one or all units of competency. Learning Options may initiate this action if the student has breached their responsibilities, or engaged in behaviour that is considered by us as dangerous or disruptive to other students, or where academic misconduct has occurred.

Such decisions are taken by the Director following investigation.

Students who have been subject to a Learning Options initiated withdrawal, will not be readmitted with a later enrolment. Students also remain subject to any outstanding fees and charges for the original enrolment.

The appeal process applies.


1. Students may appeal against the outcome of disciplinary action. Appeals must be submitted in writing to:

The Director

Learning Options

PO Box 3433, Manuka ACT 2603

2. Appeals must be submitted within 10 days of receiving the notification of the outcome.

3. Appeals must state the grounds and an explanation of why the student believes the original decision was inappropriate.

4. All appeal decisions are final and will be advised within 21 days of the appeal being received by the Director.