Fee and fee refund policy

GOVPOL03 Student Fees & Fee Refunds V1 6/5/15


  • Unless otherwise nominated on the enrollment form and agreed to by the third party, the student is liable for payment of the nominated course fee.
  • In circumstances where the employer is paying the fee, the employer must previously have nominated that they agree to incur the expense, preferably via a purchase order, signing the enrolment form, or other written authority.
  • It is the responsibility of the student to gain the financial support of their employer. In the absence of a signed authority from the employer, the student will be invoiced.
  • Invoices are issued in accordance with the requirements outlined in the fees paid in advance section of this policy.


  • As a general rule, all fees must be invoiced and paid prior to course commencement, but the invoicing terms of 7 days take precedence.
  • Learning Options may in some circumstances not issue the invoice until day 1 of the training. In this case, students will be advised and non-payment of the fee will not preclude participation.
  • The Director and/or Training Manager has discretion to waive the fee payment terms where the student would otherwise be prevented from undertaking the learning.


  • Learning Options may cease all training and assessment activity and / or withhold students results for non-payment of fees. Again, consideration will be given to disadvantaged students and other likely reasons for non-payment. Any waiver or renegotiation of the fee at this point is not to be considered common practice, and the Director only has this discretion.
  • Reporting of results to fund sources and/or the VET regulator must not be withheld due to non-payment of fees.


  • If a student requires a replacement copy of a certificate and/or academic transcript, a fee of $25 plus GST applies.


  • Learning Options acknowledges that, in certain circumstances, a participant may seek full or partial refund of fees paid. We will ensure that refund applications are handled in a timely manner and in accordance with the following terms :
    • Refunds will not be issued after course commencement except in exceptional circumstances or where funding guidelines stipulate this requirement.
    • Fee refunds are not automatic and must be applied for.
    • All refund applications are to be in writing.
    • If approved by the Training Manager, fee refunds are calculated from the date the student officially notifies Learning Options in writing of their withdrawal from the program.
    • Refunds will not be issued for any government funded courses as course withdrawal comes at financial loss to Learning Options.
    • Learning Options will charge a non-refundable administration fee of $65 for all courses.
    • Approved fee refunds are only processed after the fees have been cleared through the bank account.
    • No refund of fees is available for units commenced where the student fails to submit their assignment as the student is deemed to have commenced the program.
    • The decision of the Training Manager is final.

Calculation of refund amount

  • Where the student ceases training of their own volition prior to the midway point of the program (defined as midway through unit completion, or midway through time period of course, whichever is the earlier), the maximum fee refund will be 50% of the total fee payment and may be less subject to the number of units commenced.
  • Where the student ceases training of their own volition after the midway point of the program as defined above, no refund is payable.
  • This applies irrespective of whether the student has actually attended classes or not.

Exceptional Circumstances

  • In exceptional circumstances a participant may apply in writing for special consideration of a refund for the following :
    • bereavement; or
    • ospitalisation and/or unexpectedly having to assume carer’s responsibilities
  • Learning Options will not issue refunds for :
    • a change in working hours;
    • inconvenient travel;
    • moving interstate;
    • job change;
    • change of career direction or change of mind.

Cancellation of a training program

  • Learning Options may be obliged to cancel a course from time to time. Where this occurs, we will offer :
    • Deferral to a later course
    • Alternate delivery and assessment methods where practical
  • If you are unable to consider these options, a request for a refund received in writing/email from you will be automatically approved.


  • All disputes on refunds shall be addressed by application of the complaints policy and procedures. A copy shall be sent to the student in the event a dispute arises.
  • Where a dispute remains unresolved through negotiation between the student and Learning Options, the matter shall be referred to Consumer Affairs for arbitration.