TAE50116 Diploma of Vocational Education and Training

Qualification Overview

This qualification reflects the roles of experienced practitioners delivering training and assessment services usually within Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) within the vocational education and training (VET) sector. They may have a role in leading other trainers and assessors and in providing mentoring or advice to new trainers or assessors as well as designing approaches to learning and assessment strategies across a significant area within the RTO.

The volume of learning of a Diploma of Vocational Education and Training is typically one to two years.

Qualification Requirements

Total number of units = 10 consisting of 6 core units plus 4 elective units

Core units

TAEASS501 Provide advanced assessment practice

TAEASS502 Design and develop assessment tools

TAEDEL502 Provide advanced facilitation practice

TAEDES501 Design and develop learning strategies

TAELLN501 Support the development of adult language literacy and numeracy skills

TAEPDD501 Maintain and enhance professional practice

Elective units

TAEASS503 Lead assessment validation processes

TAEASS504 Develop and implement recognition strategies

TAEDEL501 Facilitate e-learning

**TAEDES502 Design and develop learning resources

TAEDES503 Design and develop e-learning resources

TAEDES504 Research and develop units of competency

**TAEDES505 Evaluate a training program

TAEICR501 Work in partnership with industry, enterprises and community groups

**TAELLN411 Address adult language, literacy and numeracy skills

TAELLN412 Access resources and support to address foundation skills

TAELLN413 Integrate foundation skills into vocational training delivery

**TAETAS501 Undertake organisational training needs analysis

TAERES501 Apply research to training and assessment practice

TAESUS501 Analyse and apply sustainability skills to learning programs

TAESUS502 Identify and apply current sustainability education principles and practice to learning programs


The starred elective units are the units we offer for a delivery pathway. They have been preselected based on a number of factors including industry research as to the skillset required by a person applying this qualification in the workplace, mapping of equivalence from previous TAE units, crossover with the two Diploma qualifications and efficiency to achieve dual qualification outcome if requested, along with current resource availability. However, this does not preclude a candidate negotiating alternative elective units with us from the list above via an RPL pathway.


» Full independent study pathway with structured weekly learning and assessment activities

» Classroom training available for group bookings

» Full or partial qualification via Recognition of Prior Learning

» Upgrade program for holders of TAE10 Diploma Level Qualifications


» TAE50116 Diploma of Vocational Education and Training via RPL = $2185
» TAE50116 Diploma of Vocational Education and Training via full study program = $3885

» Dual Diploma (where 10 units selected meet the requirements of both qualifications, both awarded) = A single qualification fee applies where the same 10 units are used across both qualifications.

The unit cost breakdown is $85 for a once off enrolment fee, then $210 per unit via RPL, or $380 per unit via study and you can combine study methods.

Note in regard to qualifications completed wholly via credit for units completed with other RTO’s.   Whilst the same 10 units can be used for both these diploma qualifications, under the Standards for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) 2015, Learning Options is not obliged to issue a qualification or statement of attainment that is achieved wholly through recognition of units and/or modules completed at another RTO or RTOs.   Our policy is that we will not take full enrolments in qualifications that consist wholly of exempt/direct credit units.  This means, for example, that you cannot enrol in TAE50116 using 10 units you have fully completed in TAE50216 from another RTO. Please discuss your circumstances with us prior to enrolment. 


Independent Structured Learning Activities

Flexible delivery resources enable students to undertake supported independent study that is directed each week by the trainer and does not necessitate that you wait until an organisation or your training provider can fill a full classroom group. Outcomes and goals are set for the week and students are held accountable with tasks that must be submitted at the end of each week. This enables you to commence your qualification when it suits you.

Classroom training
Where classroom training is utilised, it is provided using the ‘flipped classroom’ approach. Flipped learning is a pedagogical approach in which the conventional notion of classroom-based learning is inverted, so that you are introduced to the learning material before class, with classroom time then being used to deepen understanding through discussion with peers and problem-solving activities facilitated by teachers, or to undertake observational assessments.

Note that the classroom option requires minimum group numbers of 12 participants enrolled. Students can undertake independent study without the classroom option. You may find however that classroom is a good strategy to ensure engagement.

Workplace Practicum
The units in both diploma’s require access to a ‘live’ training context. Most are contextualised to the work you would undertake in a Registered Training Organisation RTO. There are a number of units where logs of training and assessment activities are required to be submitted, and you should talk with us about your personal circumstances and capacity to complete this qualification.

All assessments require written knowledge assessments alongside workplace-based projects giving opportunity for immediate application of skills and knowledge OR via case study where the units enable this option.

All programs have access to online downloadable tools, templates, resources and assessment tasks. Our online learning platform is also used for you to upload your assessment pieces.